Thursday, April 16, 2009

Screening of Film - Nanook of the North

On 19th April 2009 at 5.30p.m at Mini hall (ILCC), Club road, Ranchi.
Nanook of the North (The first feature length documentary - most popular and commercially successful) By Robert Flaherty (know as father of documentary films) 11 June 1922 (USA) - 79 minutes

Director: Robert J. Flaherty
Writers: Frances H. Flaherty (idea)/ Robert J. Flaherty (writer)
Music: Rudolf Schramm (1947) and Stanley Silverman (1976)
Producer: Robert Flaherty
Editing : Robert Flaherty, Herbert Edwards and Charles Geib

A story of life and love in the actual Arctic. Documents one year in the life of Nanook, an Eskimo (Inuit) and his family.
This film is the age old tale of the battle between man and nature. As the first nonfiction work of its scale, Nanook of the North was ground-breaking cinema. It captured an exotic culture in a distant location, rather than a facsimile of reality using actors and props on a studio set. Traditional Inuit methods of hunting, fishing, igloo-building, and other customs were shown with accuracy, and the compelling story of a man and his family struggling against nature met with great success in North America and abroad.

Nanook of the North is regarded as the first significant nonfiction feature, made in the days before the term "documentary" had even been coined. Filmmaker Robert Flaherty had lived among the Eskimos in Canada for many years as a prospector and explorer, and he had shot some footage of them on an informal basis before he decided to make a more formal record of their daily lives. Filming took place between August 1920, and August 1921, mostly on the Ungava Peninsula of Hudson Bay. Rather than simply record events as they happened, Flaherty staged scenes -- fishing, hunting, building an igloo -- to carry along his narrative. The film's tremendous success confirmed Flaherty's status as a first-rate storyteller and keen observer of man's fragile relationship with the harshest environmental conditions.

this film also remind that documentary film is just as manipulative as fiction !!!!!
please forward message it to any one who might be interested to come and participate

wish for film "BAHA" in berlin film festival

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