Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Identity in Metroplex

Identity in Metroplex - Efforts to Rejuvenate New Energy
Venue - Vikas Maitri, PN Bose Compund, Near KK Memorial Hospital, Dangra Toli, Ranchi.

Where walking seems like dance, and talking seems like a song – this is how the artistic expression has been described in Jharkhand where the reflection of adivasi community lifestyle is also seen amongst the other ‘Sadan’. And this cohesiveness of the communities is reflected in all fields ranging from politics to social life.
We have five major tribal communities – Santhal, Munda, Ho, Oraon and Kharia; plus there are number of other tribal groups - the questions of identity, survival and development are very vital for each of them. And then we have Muslim, Kurmi, Koeri, and Bengali and... This diverse range of community life is what the beauty of Jharkhand is all about. This integration is witnessed in urban areas with languages like Nagpuri, Khortha and others.
The characteristics of adivasi identity - community living, language, etc are being challenged with the phenomenon of metroplex (with its market dynamics and competition). This is evident in the lifestyles of the first, second or third generation adivasi youth residing in Ranchi in different forms. They are now living a very different life, of what was written about their ancestors. How has this change impacted upon the tribal identity question?
Culture is not static; it changes with time, and other societal phenomenon. What are newer forms of cultural phenomenon that are now evident in adivasis living in Ranchi with their interaction / sanskritisation with other populations? How can new spaces, with justice, equity and dignity for the adivasis and all other culturally marginalized communities, be created in this metroplex phenomenon?

Workshop on Songs of Change
Time - 11am to 5 pm on 27th April and 10am to 2pm on 28th April.
We have booked the space for the workshop and participants are expected to contribute towards their tea / snacks expenses.
The thrust will on presentation, discussion and learning of the progressive songs in Hindi. Most of these songs will be from people’s movements since Independence, and from mainstream cinema. It is expected that during this exercise participants will discover cultural movement (beyond just cultural expression) and will be able to relate it to the personal and political struggles they are involved in. The youth energies will be rejuvenated.

Film Screening and Appreciation
Time - 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm on 28th April 2009
Gadi Lohardaga Mail – Songs reflecting aspects (identity, migration, displacement) of the Jharkhand movement are sung during a train journey to Lohardaga More
School Ke Time Pe Aaja Gori Dam Pe – Musical romantic hit amongst the youth More
Baha - The Tale of a Wild Flower (Clippings) – Nagpuri feature film made by Sriprakash More
Guru Gomke – Documentary on cultural movement of Jharkhand with special focus on the life and work of Pandit Raghunath Murmu More
The screenings will be interrupted with discussions on the theme Identity in Metroplex which will be facilitated by prominent resource persons and media artists.

Openspace – Ranchi in association with CCDS (Pune) and Solidarity for Peace (Ranchi)
Contact – 09430367949 or

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