Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Values of Communal Harmony in Youth

Work amongst the youth on the issue of youth health and fertility has been identified as an important one, as still the age of marriage amongst rural population lies at 15 years. But how do we make the issue a public one? The Jharkhand Youth Policy comprising of focus on livelihood, skill, sports hence was the focus of the Exposure Workshop at Krishi Gram Vikas Kendra, held on 4th to 6th May 2010. Approx 70 youth from Pakur, Deoghar and Ranchi participated. 
Various livelihood programs were visited, this was followed by sharings. Evenings were culturally rich -songs and videos. Kishore Kumar's 'Jeevan Se Na Haar Jeene Wale' and KP Sasi's 'Gaon Chhodab Nahi'. This was followed by 'Kora Rajee', a documetary on the plight of adivasis now living as tea tribes, with no scheduled tribe status. More 
  • The conflict in Assam continues betwee the tribes -Bodo and Santhal. And adivasi girl was beaten and clothes teared off. We know of the incident when the discussion was in the newspaper and in our college hostel.
  • While mainstream Bollywood cinema has too much fantasy, there is also some good movies and songs which depict human lives in a different untold way, and those which are also very relevant to our lives, whether youth from urban or rural backdground. Hence there are many relevant songs which inspire us, and can be used in popular ways to communicate to the society, for inspiring change.
  • Let us feel pride in our cultural uniqueness, but resist the fundamentalist forces which divide / discriminate on the grounds of caste, race, religion, language and region. Hence let us sing songs of communal harmony and humanity, and promote cross learning / opportunities for cultural exchange.
  • Values are very important, these show us the path for collective, sustainable, equity based lifestyles. During young ages these require focus, yet in informal, creative ways which help to educate.
Also check You Tube responses on this Youth Exposure Program at Ranchi here and Channel.

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  1. Dear Praveer, this is really wonderful. Congrats.

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