Saturday, December 19, 2009

Standing in Defence of Human Rights - Support to Irom Sharmila

During the fortnight to end gender based violence various events took place in Ranchi in support of Irom Sharmila's struggle against Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in Manipur.

Some of the events were 
  • Screening of Sharmila - The Iron Lady in Student Christian Movement's workshop on Human Rights organised in Don Bosco on 29th Nov 2009.
  • Screening of Kavita Joshi's Tales from the Margins amongst the Education students of St Xavier's College on 4th Dec 2009.
  • Signature Campaign amongst students of rural management in XISS Ranchi during the Quiz-Elocution organised on the issue of violence against women on 5th Dec 2009.
  • Film Screenings on Human Rights Day in HPDC Bahu Bazar during the Women's Rights Convention organised by Mahila Hinsa Pratirodh Pakhwara Aayojan Samiti (Speakers - Prof Rose Kerketta and Malancha Ghosh) and in International Library organised by the Ranchi Film Club (Speakers - Stan Lourdswamy and Dayamani Barla) on 10th Dec 2009.

Fragrance of Peace - Irom Sharmila

When life comes to its end
You, please transport, My lifeless body
Place it on the soil of Father Koubru

To reduce my dead body, To cinders amidst the flames
Chopping it with axe and spade, Fills my mind with revulsion

The outer cover is sure to dry out, Let it rot under the ground
Let it be of some use to future generations
Let it transform into ore in the mine

I'll spread the fragrance of peace
From Kanglei, my birthplace, In the ages to come
It will spread all over the world.

How many more rapes, how many more killings, how much more suffering would it take? And more importantly, how much more patience are the people of the northeast expected to have? “I must be patient”, says Irom Sharmila , “For the time being, I must endure.” Already in her tenth year of fast, she displays the endurance and patience of a true yogi. In her poems she writes in an almost mystical vein of a “place with no birth and death"; a “place where truth is lucid and pure.”Engaging an immoral State in moral battle, Irom Sharmila has today become a symbol of hope not only for the people of Manipur but for people everywhere suffering State tyranny.

(Please go to to know more about the movement against AFSPA)

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