Sunday, November 8, 2009

Iron is Hot .. Or Even Climate

On 31st October, under the hosting of Vriksh, Openspace (Ranchi) organized a seminar on Fire in Coal Mines and Human Settlement. About 100 youngsters from Xavier’s Institute of Social Sciences and Xavier’s College, participated. The discussions highlighted issues of climate change in the context of people inhabiting near mining areas.

Stan Lourdswamy (Human Rights Activist)

While on one hand the whole world is talking about climate change and how to counter it, the Indian State is ramping over the land and forests of the adivasis who have the history of coexistence with nature, and infact contribute through their lifestyles, in making the eco-system balanced.
There is people’s movement against displacement which is building up. And people are saying ‘We won’t give away our lands’. The intellectuals need to take position to stand in favour of the thousands of Adivasis.

Nitish Priyadarshi (Environmentalist)

The issue of climate change is not a new one. It has even been in our Tribal history, when the Asurs were making iron, and there are narrations that this will lead to more and more heat and the streams drying up.

Towards a Consensus View
The issues of climate change though a macro one, has to be tacked through sustainable practices at the grassroots with the communities. And the accountability with the Corporates needs to be defined, by the State.
Films like ‘Iron is Hot’ have to be screened more and more amongst the youth.

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