Monday, October 26, 2009

Workshop on Digital Communication Tools

Dear Friends,
We are organizing a 2 day Workshop on Digital Communication Tools.
The workshop will focus on the various softwares / programs / applications through which youngsters are communicating and expressing – You Tube, Facebook, Yahoo/ Google Group, Blogs, Photo Sharing, etc.

Seems exciting? Wanna join?
All are invited in the workshop with a nominal registration fee of Rs 30.
The 2 days affair will take place in Satyabharati Auditorium. This is situated opposite Ursuline Convent on the Purulia Road now also called Camil Bulcke Path.
Dates – 28th October (Wednesday) and 31st October (Saturday) 2009.
Timing – 1.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Please get back to us, with the following details for your registration to participate..
1. Name
2. Age and sex
3. Education and college
4. Present Occupation
5. Email and Mobile Number
6. Areas of Interest

The event will be co-hosted by Openspace (Ranchi), a communication initiative amongst youth ( and Solidarity for Peace, an organization committed to social justice and human rights (
The aim is to create a vibrant group of youngsters who would take the new communication tools in the best interest of mankind. And for this, initiate with sharing / cross-learning processes.
Please spread the message. We intend to enlarge this digital community, through many such events.

Best Regards
Praveer Peter
Mobile – 9430367949
Email –

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