Friday, April 10, 2009

Gaon Chhodab Nahi - A Political Statement

On 28th March 2009, 'Gaon Chhodab Nahin' a musical video directed by KP Sasi was screened amongst a committed audience in Ranchi.

With inputs from Meghnath, filmmaker and voice of Jharkhandi singer Madhu Mansuri Hasmukh the song is another statement (after KP Sasi's earlier work America, America ) on the current politics impacting Indians.
It depicts the situation of the adivasi and dalits population and their struggle against the development projects and corporates induced displacement. They voice - Gaon Chhodab Nahi, Jungal Chhodab Nahi, Maayer Mati Chhodab Nahi, Zameen Chhodab Nahi (We will not leave village, will not leave forests, will not leave motherly soil, will not leave our Lands!!). And finally Ladai Chhodab Nahi, that is we will not abandon our fight, our struggle.

With the elections around the audience discussed as to how these vital issues of displacement and secured land rights need to come up in the national agenda. The music video could be great tool to conscientise the people about the real issues and take stand.
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The 5 minutes video was followed by the screening of 'Thousand Days and a Dream' in the presence of
C. Saratchandran, one of the co-directors of the film made on the struggle against Coca Cola in Plachimada in Pallakad district in Kerela.
After opening to great acclaim for bringing jobs and development to rural Kerala, local community members began to see a darker side of the neighboring Coca-Cola bottling plant as their water supply began to show signs of contamination and depletion. Despite ridicule and dismissive attitudes, local citizens organized and fought to bring their message to the outside world. Directors P. Baburaj and C. Saratchandran follow these groups as they go up against politicians, state police and corporations in hope of protecting their lands and children from the dangers brought by the plant. (
The screening was facilitated by inputs from Meghnath, Dayamani Barla (anti-displacement tribal activist), Sandeep Pandey (Magsaysay Awardee activist), Sriprakash (filmaker), C Saratchandran and others. The young media students from Xavier's college, took an interest in the interactions with the film makers and activists.

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