Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kora Rajee (The land of the diggers )

This film in tribal language 'Kurukh' (language of Oraon tribe) has some mix of Hindi. It is on the issue of adivasi labourers in the tea gardens of Assam and North Bengal. These adivasis, originally belonging to Chotanagpur (Jharkhand and nearby), are mostly Santhal and Oraon tribe. They do not have rights as a scheduled tribe, and have little ownership to land. As labourers they enjoy a second category status, and are struggling to make their life better in as residents of the area.
An interesting dimension of migration has been explored and with it the whole ranges of issues like culture. This film is very powerful in making the adivasi viewers emotionally attached and searching for ‘something similar’ of what they see in their own daily lives. The tea industry and its processes are also covered well.
While the film tries to explore their linkages to their parental land and culture in an interesting story telling narration and interviews, the struggle for rights and better lives continues .. The film received a Silver Conch in MIFF 2006. It has been produced by Akhra, a Ranchi based media group. Quite, a green movie !!

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